Presence - CDCD
Remastered Original album packaged in a replica of the original LP jacket.

  • Release Date: 07-31-2015
  • 1 CD
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Presence - Deluxe CDsDeluxe CDs
Deluxe Edition (2CD) Remastered album, plus a second disc of unreleased companion audio.

  • Release Date:07/31/2015
  • 2 CD
  • Deluxe Edition
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Presence  - Super Deluxe BoxSuper Deluxe Edition Box

  • Release Date: 7/31/2015
  • 2 CD
  • 2 LP
  • 88 pages Hardback book
  • CD1: Original album newly remastered in vinyl replica sleeve
  • CD2: Companion audio featuring previously unreleased reference mixes from the sessions.
  • Vinyl 1: Original album newly remastered in single sleeve replicating the original album on 180 gram vinyl
  • Vinyl 2: Companion audio on one LP ( 180 gram vinyl ) in a new sleeve featuring negative artwork based on the original album artwork, and featuring a previously unreleased companion audio reference mixes from the sessions
  • HD Download Card ( All content at 96kHz/24 bit )
  • LP sized, high quality print of the original album cover, the first 30,000 of which will be individually numbered.
  • Album-size hardback book ( 88 pages ).
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Presence - Deluxe Edition Remastered VinylDeluxe Edition Remastered Vinyl
Remastered album and unreleased companion audio on 180-gram vinyl

  • Release Date (Remastered): 07/31/2015
  • 2LP
  • 180 Gram Vinyl
  • Deluxe Edition Remastered
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Presence -  Remastered VinylRemastered Vinyl
Remastered album on 180-gram vinyl, packaged in a sleeve that replicates the LP's first pressing in exacting detail.

  • Release Date (Remastered): 07/31/2015
  • 1LP
  • 180 Gram Vinyl
  • Remastered Original Vinyl
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Presence - digitalDigital Download
Remastered album and companion audio available in standard and high-definition formats
  • Release Date (Remastered): 07/31/2015